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We use to paint our condo hallways every couple of years mainly due to damaged corners on the drywall. Since we have installed stainless steel corner guards, we no longer have to paint near as often. We first tried the plastic corner guards to save on costs years ago, but they could not take the abuse.

Peter, Building maintenance

We ordered stainless corner guards for our school. When the shipment arrived, we noticed that the top corner guard was damaged perhaps because of trucking or other. We called customer service and they sent us a replacement within a few days.


I have ordered stainless steel corner guards from Laura for our whole office. I should have taken her advice about the safety edge. Wherever we applied the corner guards to our drywall corners, we noticed that there was a small gap between the wall and the corner guards. At first we thought it was because the corner guard was not a true 90 degree, but we found out that it was our drywall corners that were not 90 degrees.


I was told that this was a do it yourself job. I followed the instructions on the website but only to find out that the caulking gun still releases glue even when you are not pushing the trigger. The instructions should have mentionned to put a drop cloth on the floor and or show how to release the pressure on the gun when not in use. The product is great but the installation was messy.


We have order a couple of corner guards for our office complex. We were surprised on how easy it was to install and how great it looks. We have plans to do the rest of the office in the next few weeks. Thanks


We have purchased from Ace corner guards a large quantity of 16 guage with their safety edge. We could'nt believe the low price compared to all other suppliers. We requested proof that they were not manufactured in China. Laura was kind enough to provide us with a test certificate stating that they only use north american steel. I guess that its because they speciallize only in this product that they can mass produce them and reduce the costs this low.

Gary, Purchaser